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UPDATE - January 7th, 2021

***I am retiring March 31st, 2021.*** My business eMail address will stop delivering eMails to me then. The "Contact TheMacGuy" page of this site will be removed. I'll keep a few recommendations listed here on the main website page but all other content will be removed. My office telephone will no longer be answered and the answering service will, for a few months, provide some recommendations regarding where you may get assistance for liquid spills, etc. Eventually, however, that answering service will be discontinued. My domain remains active, however, until it is sold.


UPDATE - November 16, 2020

Just some info that may save you (and me) some time:

All MacBooks from 2015 and newer, all MacBook Pro 13" from 2016 up to but not including the 2020, and all 15" MacBook Pros from 2016 - 2019 use the "butterfly-mechanism" keyboard. They are all defective designs that will fail due to a speck of dust or dirt. It is critical that the machine be kept scrupulously clean; use a silicone keyboard cover if needed. If you notice any keys that don't produce an on-screen character or produce "double-characters", the keyboard has failed and needs to be replaced. All machines (of the type mentioned above) were provided with FOUR year warranties for this keyboard issue (regardless of whether AppleCare was purchased). Call Apple at 800-MY-APPLE to arrange a repair. If your machine is more than four years old, call DT&T Service at 510-661-0999 for the repair as they charge about $200 whereas Apple charges about $700.

If you have a Mac laptop/notebook that is liquid-damaged, call DT&T.

If you have a Mac laptop/notebook with a cracked screen (that you can't live with), call DT&T.

I'm happy to replace batteries on many older Mac models. BUT if you have a Mac laptop/notebook with a glued-in battery, call DT&T. (MacBooks Pros from 2015 and EARLIER are not glued in. MacBook Airs from 2017 and EARLIER are not glued in. MacBooks from 2014 and EARLIER are not glued in.)

I do not have any financial association with DT&T. They've done good work for me (and many clients) in the past and I continue to recommend their services.

COVID-19 UPDATE - March 21, 2020

I am following CDC guidelines and engaging in "social distancing"; therefore, I have stopped all ONSITE and OFFICE consultations but am continuing telephone and online support including remote access. If your Mac won't start up or needs hands-on attention, please call me and arrange to drop off your computer for service/repair. I will disinfect it when I receive it and, again, when I am finished with it. As is usual, payments may be by credit/debit card or cash; no checks.

This "social distancing" takes precedence over any other information to the contrary appearing below.

My hosting service upgraded the site with SSL certificates so it should all be fine with any browsers that may be configured to only connect securely.

If you're here, it's probably because you need assistance with your Mac or PC. Perhaps your Mac/PC has stopped working properly (or at all). Maybe you need help setting up a printer, or with networking or data recovery (from a Mac or a PC). I'm here to help you. I'm Barry Levine and I've been El Paso's "TheMacGuy" for over 25 years.

If you wish to drop off your computer here on the west side of El Paso, give me a call or eMail me, either using the link below or click the "Contact TheMacGuy" link above for an eMail form. My office phone is 915-581-1105. If I do not answer, please leave a voice message with your name and telephone number (speak slowly and distinctly); your voice message is sent to my mobile eMail and I will respond ASAP. NOTE: I use a call-screening service; you will be asked to punch in a number. iPhones produce non-standard length tones so please hold the keypress about one second if the first keypress isn't recognized. Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

Look to the bottom of this page for some general advice about upgrading your Mac.

Office hours: 8:30AM until 5:30PM M-F. Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Please note that I normally do not take calls on Saturday or Sunday. However, if your need is critical and cannot wait until Monday, do understand there is an extra charge of $240 for weekend emergency troubleshooting by phone, onsite, or online via remote access; leave a message on my business phone and I will return your call ASAP.

My normal consulting fee is $120/hr onsite; $90/hr online or via telephone. Diagnostics for misbehaving hardware/software issues start at $50 which may be applied to the repair.

I no longer accept personal checks.

95% of my business comes to me from client recommendations. Thank you!


If you receive an eMail or phone call from Apple or Microsoft or any other company informing you "your account has been breached" or some such nonsense, toss the eMail or hang up. Do not attempt to contact the scammers - yes, that's what they are and they are attempting to steal your money. Apple, Microsoft, or any other IT company will NEVER call you out of the blue. If you have fallen for this scam and provided your credit card info, immediately contact your CC company, let them know what happened, and cancel your card (they'll send you one with a new number). If you have permitted anyone to "remote access" your computer, they may have planted malware (a "keylogger") to steal your passwords. (Maybe you have an unencrypted file on your computer with all your passwords listed? Consider it stolen and it's time to change all your passwords.) It is possible your computer may need to be wiped clean in order to rectify the issue. This is a very scary time and, until such thieves are caught and locked up for 30 years, the reward for such thievery is greater than the potential punishment.

ALSO: Do understand that searching the web for "Apple support" will probably NOT lead you to Apple but to third-party providers who will ask you to buy them "gift cards" or charge your credit card or even require a bank transfer. THEY ARE THIEVES AND SCAMMERS.